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The purpose of the Black-Jack Enduro Circuit (BJEC) is to develop a system of competitive enduros, primarily in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. The circuit has existed since 1975. Points are awarded at BJEC events and accumulated to determine end of the year awards. As a BJEC member you will receive: 1) Acess to online BJEC Rulebook , 2) a chance to earn manufacturer and dealer contingency, and 3) Year end awards, trophy & prize (e.g. Riding Jacket, Gear Bag, etc.) with a minimum number of BJEC scores.

Annual Membership: $20.00

Super 60+ Masters- $10

C-Junior 16 and under- $10

Youth 15 and under (super short)- $10

Women (super short)- $10

Fill out our ONLINE form and get entered directly into our membership database! You may sign multiple riders up for membership at one time. After you have filled out the form, you can pay online using PayPal (preferred), or print out the form and mail in with payment.