Crosstimbers Enduro Protest Period

Please visit the BJEC forum for information on Crosstimbers protest period!

Zink Ranch National Enduro Pre-Entry Information

  • There will be a BJEC PeeWee event at the Zink National on Saturday!
  • NEPG will be scoring this race and they are using a new scoring system this year, each rider must complete a profile through LiveLaps- Once a rider profile is created Zink registration must be completed through the LiveLaps website.
  • Be sure to register early as this race has the potential to reach maximum rider count of 500, once full registration will close
  • Spark arrestor will be required and NEPG will complete an inspection before rider is allowed to participate. 
  • All Riders must be AMA members to ride in these events!
  • Click HERE for Zink Ranch pre-entry (LiveLaps)
  • Click HERE for BJEC/NEPG corresponding classes
  • Click HERE for NEPG 2016 schedule
  • Click HERE for NEPG 2016 Pre-Entry Schedule


2016 Boondockers Enduro

  • November 6th 2016 Matador TX
  • TSCEC, RMEC, & BJEC Tri-sanctioned race
  • PeeWee race November 5th at 3:00PM (non-BJEC event) 
  • Click HERE for race flyer
  • Click HERE for online pre-entry

Event Locations

2016 NEPG Schedule

Click HERE for 2016 NEPG Schedule

Click HERE for 2016 NEPG PRE-ENTRY Schedule