Black Jack Enduro Circuit

Round 1 Red Canyon Enduro

The Red Canyon Enduro is a TSCEC scored race, pre-Entry opens on January 1st @

You must have a LiveLaps profile set up prior to pre-entry and you must be a TSCEC member to ride all TSCEC races in 2021 ($4 per rider). TSCEC membership is online through LiveLaps- from the homepage select "Join an Organization" select TSCEC from the list of organizations. Complete the membership form. 

BJEC to TSCEC class conversion chart-


2021 BJEC Information

7 out of 10 races counted for year end awards qualification (1 work bonus allowed)

You MUST be a member to earn points towards your championship class, you do not need to be a member to ride an individual event. All riders welcome!

2021 BJEC Membership

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