Black Jack Enduro Circuit

Leadbelt Sprint Enduro May 23rd

The Missouri Mudders and BJEC invite you to the Leadbelt Sprint Enduro. Letting some land heal from the NEPG last year the MO Mudders have 2 tests laid out for you to rip using the sprint format. Come out out it will be a blast!

Pre-entry- $55 ($65 on race weekend)

AMA membership required- $20 day pass available at sign up 

100% AA class payback

NO PeeWEE Enduro at this event

Click HERE for pre-entry

Fry Lake Enduro- June 13th

Postponed until June 13th!!

Refunds- send email to

Please include your name and Paypal email used for pre-entry

Fry Lake Enduro- This event will utilize the sprint format. Riders will make multiple attempts on 2 special tests, both tests start and finish at camp. Riders will be divided up to spread out the race traffic- A/B on one test, C/short/super short on the other test. 1 rider will start every 20 seconds. Add all your lap times up to determine finish order. 

Kids race on Saturday at 2:30PM (riders meeting at 2pm)

Kids sign-up on Saturday- 11am-1:45pm ($10 entry fee)

Click HERE for pre-entry for Sunday race ($45 pre-entry, $60 on race weekend)

100% Pro class payback

Free tire for the 100th paid entry!- Carlos Mayo was the 100th entry! 


2021 BJEC Information

7 out of 10 races counted for year end awards qualification (1 work bonus allowed)

You MUST be a member to earn points towards your championship class, you do not need to be a member to ride an individual event. All riders welcome!

2021 BJEC Membership

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