Black Jack Enduro Circuit

2020 Black Jack Enduro Championships Schedule 

Minimum of 7 needed to qualify for year end awards- 1 work bonus is allowed

3 drops allowed

Round One

Red Canyon Enduro

January 26th 2020

Fluvanna, TX


CO-Sanction with TSCEC


Round Two

111 Ranch

March 1st 2020

Maramec, OK



Round Three

Indian Nations Enduro

March 15th 2020

Scipio, OK



Round Four

White Rock Enduro

March 29th 2020

Combs, AR


---2019 BJEC Banquet March 28th on site at White Rock---


Round Five

Barteau Ranch Enduro

May 3rd 2020

Callisburg, TX


Co-Sanction with TSCEC


Round Six

Leadbelt NEPG

September 20th 2020

Park Hill, MO



Round Seven

Hardwood Enduro

September 27th 2020

Mansfield, MO



Round Eight


Golden Eagle Enduro

October 11th 2020


Stillwater, OK



Round Nine

Crosstimbers Enduro

November 1st 2020




Round Ten

Fry Lake Enduro

November 15th 2020 

Seminole, OK