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Leadbelt and Barteau Ranch Results

Leadbelt and Barteau Ranch results have been posted under the results/standing tab.

If your results are missing from either event please let us know by emailing BJEC the event(s) that are missing- 

2022 BJEC Information

8 out of 11 races counted for year end awards qualification (1 work bonus allowed)

You MUST be a member to earn points towards your championship class, you do not need to be a member to ride an individual event. All riders welcome!

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2022 BJEC Schedule

1/30/22- Red Canyon Enduro- Fluvanna, TX (Restart)

3/13/22- Crosstimbers Enduro- OKC, OK (Restart, PW)

3/27/22- White Rock Enduro- Combs, AR (Restart, PW)

4/10/22- Buffalo Ranch Enduro- Boxley, AR (Restart, PW)

4/24/22- 111 Ranch Enduro- Maramec, OK (Sprint, PW)

5/15/22- Lead Belt NEPG- Park Hills, MO (Restart, NEPG)

5/29/22- Barteau Ranch Enduro- Callisburg, TX (Restart, PW)

9/25/22- Hardwood Enduro- Mansfield, MO (Restart, PW)

10/9/22- Golden Eagle Enduro- Stillwater, OK (Sprint, PW)

10/16/22- Zink Ranch NEPG- Sand Springs, OK (Restart, NEPG)

11/20/22- Barnwell Mountain Enduro- Gilmer, TX (Restart, PW)

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